15 ice cream shop name ideas!

15 ice cream shop name ideas!

Are you thinking of starting an ice cream shop and need some inspiration for a catchy name? Naming your ice cream shop is an important step in creating your brand and attracting customers. Here are some ice cream shop name ideas to get you started:

  1. Sweet Scoops: A playful and alliterative name that emphasises the sweetness of your ice cream.

  2. Scoop de Ville: A fun and memorable name that plays off the classic phrase "coup de ville" and emphasises the act of scooping ice cream.

  3. Chill Spot: A simple and straightforward name that conveys a relaxed and cool atmosphere.

  4. Brain Freeze: A quirky and memorable name that references the sensation of eating ice cream too quickly.

  5. Creamy Delight: A name that emphasises the delicious creaminess of your ice cream.

  6. Freeze Frame: A fun and playful name that plays off the phrase "freeze" and references the act of taking a photo.

  7. Sprinkle Magic: A whimsical name that references the colourful sprinkles often used to decorate ice cream.

  8. Sundae Funday: A playful and alliterative name that emphasises the fun and joy of eating ice cream.

  9. Swirls and Scoops: A name that references the swirling motion of soft serve ice cream and the act of scooping it into a cone.

  10. Sweet Escape: A name that suggests indulgence and escape from the stresses of daily life.

  11. The Ice Cream Parlour: A classic and straightforward name that invokes the nostalgia of old-fashioned ice cream shops.

  12. Scoops Ahoy: A playful and pop culture-inspired name that references the popular TV show Stranger Things.

  13. Frozen Bliss: A name that emphasises the pleasure and happiness of eating your delicious ice cream.

  14. Lickety Split: A playful and catchy name that references the act of licking ice cream and suggests speedy service.

  15. Sugar Rush: A name that suggests the intense sweetness and excitement of eating your ice cream.

In conclusion, the name of your ice cream shop should reflect your brand and the experience you want to create for your customers. Consider these ice cream shop name ideas and choose one that resonates with you and your target audience. But most importantly make sure you are serving the right ice cream = Rossi Ice Cream! 

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